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    How to Enhance Your Reading Experience with Soundscapes

    The sister blog post, “How to Enhance Your Writing Experience with Soundscapes,” can be found on Writer’s Atelier. What does your perfect reading experience look like? Maybe you picture yourself curled up on the couch or reading in the great outdoors. Maybe you don’t care where you are as long as you have something warm to drink. Maybe you’ve always been able to read any time, any place, under any conditions. (Lucky!) But what if I told you there was a way to truly immerse yourself in the book you’re reading like you never have before? You can do just that with soundscapes. What are soundscapes? Whether you’ve heard the…

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    8 Unique Ways Readers Can Fill Their Empty Notebooks

    The sister blog post, “8 Unique Ways Writers Can Fill Their Empty Notebooks,” can be found on Writer’s Atelier. How many empty notebooks do you have around your house or apartment? It’s okay, I can wait while you count them. Is it five? Ten? More? We bookish types are notorious for our love of paper. We love the feel of paper between our fingers, tag images of massive home libraries with #goals, and even try to capture the smell of old books in candles and soap! It’s only natural that such a love would extend to notebooks, journals, and stationery as well. Since I’ve been spending so much time at…