About the Author

At the tender age of however-many years old, Megan Fuentes told a lie. As a punishment, television time was taken away for a week. The second time she told a lie, computer time was taken away for a week. The third and final time, her parents did something both creative and diabolical.

They took away her pen and paper.

She was inconsolable. She tried to explain her woes to her peers, but all they had to offer were funny looks and gentle suggestions to go outside (which she didn’t take).

That was not the first sign that Megan was destined to walk the path of a writer, but it was the one that probably should’ve woken her up to that fact. Yet she remained oblivious for years afterward.

Now Megan writes flash fiction and historical fiction that puts strong women in the spotlight. With her active imagination and can-do attitude, you may see her attempt to write in every other genre imaginable just for kicks.

Read what she’s already written here. For behind-the-scenes musings and discussions re: interesting happenings of the past, visit her blog.

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