Hire Me

Hire a Versatile Lover of the English Language and All Its Quirks


Consulting and story coaching services start at $50 for the first hour and $25 for each additional hour. Contact me for a quote if you’re interested in any of my other services.


What I Do

Ad Design
Blog Posts
Line Editing
Story Coaching
Short Fiction
Web Design

As a Writer…

I love writing blog posts, short fiction, and copy of every kind. I also like to add elements of humor and sarcasm to what I write.

As an Editor…

I’m grammar savvy, have never asked a question I couldn’t help a writer answer, and come complete with dozens of resources to provide writers who seek improvement.

Hire an Ad Designer Who’s Quick, Easy to Work With, and Just Plain Gets You and Your Books

Packages start at $30 for three ads of any size, for any platform.

What Other People Are Saying

Megan is meticulous, observant, and brilliant! Her comments and suggestions elevate my writing to another level.
– Kerry Evelyn, Author and Speaker
Megan is able to write anything you throw at her. She never fails to produce engaging content.

– Jessica Cobine, Screenwriter and Blogger