Love Affairs at World’s Fairs

In the first standalone publication from Megan Fuentes, you’ll be swept away to the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition.

On New Year’s Eve, two people from radically different worlds meet in Barcelona.

One of them is a born Spaniard obsessed with a famous painter from her hometown, and the whole town thinks her paired up with the son of her father’s business partner.

The other is an American still reeling from the effects of the Great Crash who doesn’t speak a word of the native tongue.

These two strangers will connect on a level neither have ever experienced before. They’ll only have one day with each other before they must return to their normal lives.

Will the strength of their attraction be enough draw them together? Or will the limited time, her unofficial engagement, and his unfamiliarity with the language keep them apart for good?

This novella is available now!


The Love Affairs at World’s Fairs Series

There is a new series coming that will span decades, spread across the continental United States, and capture your heart—the Love Affairs at World’s Fairs.

The first of nineteen planned books takes place in Buffalo, New York, at the turn of the century. Welcome to the Pan American Exposition.

Our story follows the neglected older sister of a musical prodigy and a former newsboy. Both of them are looking for something more in life than what they’ve seen so far.

They will find what they’re looking for in each other.

But first, they’ll have to face dangers, their differences, and the biggest threat to budding relationships known to the the twentieth century—social conventions.

This initial novella, In Buffalo With You, is now available for pre-order. Stay tuned for more updates on what’s to come!