Historical Fiction

Earhart and Noonan's Last Grand Adventure Historical Fiction Book CoverTo the world’s horror, Amelia Earhart disappeared on July 2, 1937.

She, along with her navigator and her twin-engine Lockheed 10E Electra airplane, were never seen again.

We don’t know for sure what happened. Theories about their fate—from the probable to the impossible—have been invented and dismissed and rekindled for over eighty years.

Some say they perished in the sea. Some say they were captured by the Japanese and held captive.

And some harbor the belief that Amelia Earhart, Queen of the Sky, would never have given up on life so easily.

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  • Bonnie and Clyde’s most daring criminal undertaking
  • An impossible heist taking place in the heart of Havana, Cuba
  • Many more to come