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NaNoWriMo, Week 2: Not Enough Hours & Three Sunflowers

Writers—and avid readers, too, I’m sure—will be familiar with the term “the soggy middle.” It refers to the part of the book that drags on after the enticing beginning and before the triumphant (or tragic) end. In a great book with tight editing, there’s nothing soggy about the middle. But life’s arcs aren’t always so neatly plotted, are they?

All this to say, “Hello, and welcome to a week I did not nail.” Welcome to my soggy middle of a November week.

Sunday, November 8

I had to make a quick Target run before work, which killed my attempts to write in the morning. I did manage to get out the blog post you might’ve read last week, but that doesn’t count as words written for NaNoWriMo, at least not the way I’m counting them.

At night, despite getting home earlier than expected and having a modicum of energy, I didn’t get much writing done, either. I mostly took the time to answer my correspondence and to edit some author friends’ work.

Words Added: 844

Monday, November 9

Big news! I’m getting new glasses! I’ll be able to see!

The bad news is the eye appointment I was scheduled for necessitated dilating my pupils, so working on writing was difficult. That, and, you know what? I just wasn’t feeling it. Sometimes, it’s okay if you don’t feel it.

Words Added: 737

Tuesday, November 10

In the morning, I hosted another virtual write-in. I wrote less than I usually have on these sprints, but that’s okay. I was proud to have committed to the time.

I usually meet with my author friend Kerry Evelyn early in the week. We talk writing, we edit each other’s work, and I do admin work for her sometimes. Since we didn’t get to do anything for my birthday last week, we got brunch and a little bit of booze, and Kerry gave me a lovely bunch of sunflowers!

The rest of the night, I divided my time between editing, administrative work, and writing. I maybe did a poor job of that because I didn’t end up hitting the word count I wanted, but every little word counts, right?

Words Added: 1,499

Wednesday, November 11

So, the boyfriend and I don’t keep the neatest apartment. That ought to be a given considering the fact that he’s in college and freelances, and I hold, what, three or four jobs? I’ve lost count.

So when we got the news that our apartment would be entered, I did what I usually do and panicked. I stayed up ‘til 5AM cleaning. I managed to dictate a few words between my tasks, but ultimately, it wasn’t a banner day for words.

Words Added: 139

Thursday, November 12

Okay, I didn’t actually finish with zero words today. It just looks like I did because I forgot to add them to NaNoWriMo’s website. I was so exhausted, I operated on autopilot today.

Words Added: 0

Friday, November 13

I hosted another Friday morning virtual write-in, and I had still more technical difficulties. All through the write-in, I felt very distracted. My brain still hadn’t fully caught up on sleep is my guess.

During my break at work, I snuck in a few more words.

I’m not going to lie—at this point, I was feeling a little disheartened. I’d hoped to crack 2,000 words, but I only wrote a little more than half.

Words Added: 1,048

Saturday, November 14

Another Saturday, another wonderful meeting with my critique group! I wish I could share what was discussed, but I can’t! Someday soon, maybe. Insert winky face here.

We decided to do sprints in our critique group, but I had to drive to work during that time, so I wouldn’t call that productive writing time.

Words Added: 421

Week Two Reflection

I am officially, like, 11,000 words behind. That’s not great, but it’s not the worst spot I’ve ever been in. I think I can catch up if I dedicate myself to it.

One thing I really have to do is let myself rest. I’m typing this sentiment at two o’clock in the morning because I wanted to get this blog post done before I went to bed, but I think that just underscores my point. Correlation doesn’t equal causation, but the correlation between my lack of sleep and my lack of words is very strong.

Next week, I’m going to try to get more sleep and take better care of myself. Hopefully that’s what’s going to save me in Week Three!

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